Listing Custom Post Type

by | Feb 20, 2021

Listing Editor

As with any other situation, you may use Divi VB/Wire Frame/New Experience, the Classic Editor or even Gutenberg to design the content for the Listing.  This decision will primarily be made when you determine if you will feature the Listings as Single posts.

In any case, the manor in which you provide content will also be reflected in the Listing Slider within the Map itself.  Excerpts take precedence.  If no Excerpt is provided, then the full content will be rendered in the Slider.

The primary focus in this discussion is the KK Map Settings metabox.  There, you can set a marker by using the Map interface and drag a marker to the coordinates that match your Listing location.  You may also enter all of the required info manually.  Additionally, the address can be provided (which is fully shown in the Slider meta) and be geocoded to find the coordinates.

Here, too, the author can provide a Rating.  This will always be rendered unless the map option provided disables ALL ratings.

Listing Type and Location

In addition to providing geo-location info for the Listing, it is also important when it is planned to use the map Filter to provide Type and Location meta-data. Type is synonomous with category and Location with tag.  Your Types can be as diverse as you prefer as can be the Locations.  Both are determined by your map theme and spread of the Listings.